Phrases and SMS for Valentines Day

In the digital messages of love and friendship are sent by SMS or on social networks . But the problem is as old as the world: "What do I write?"

To help you hit your love and your friends with words that leave their mark, the editors will suggest some nice phrases and SMS for Valentines Day :

It 's easier to kiss you forget it. Next you waiting for?

Baci had easily forget quickly.

From friendship to love is the distance of a kiss

As I saw you I fell in love. And you smile because you know. (Arrigo Boito)

We were together, all the rest of the time I forgot. (Walt Whitman)

Does your love a shower of kisses on my lips. (Shelley)

The kiss is the highest poetry of love.

Says a kiss more than a declaration of love.

What is a kiss? Nothing. What can it be? All Over.

The gestures say little; words, a bit 'more; kisses, everything.

Love is a yo-yo: goes up, goes down, and it is always hanging by a thread.

The sky is round, the sea is deep and you 6 + great friend of the world!

A friend is like the sun: even if you do not see is always there!

I dedicate a dedication, which is not dedicated, but become devoted, if dedicated to you!

That stupid scientists: they're still looking for a form of energy! But they do not know that just a smile to brighten your world?

Brings his right hand over his left shoulder, now the left hand on the right shoulder, now hold strong, strong. This is a hug for you all!

The 6 + beautiful! The 6 + nice! The 6 + smart! Obviously after me!

Deluded, think of being beautiful! Deluded believe to impress! Deluded believe that I love you! Damn: you're right!

Are you sure you know all my sides? I am a circle ...

The kiss is the only thing that does not Carian sweet teeth. Make happy your dentist: Kiss me!

I climb the door, I open up the stairs, I put my teeth, wash my pajamas, I turn off the bed, I put in the light. And all this just because you kissed me!

I tried to drown the memory of you, but I realized that ... could swim !!!

When I'm with you I feel like Little Red Riding Hood: a fairy tale!

If I like kisses, I like you if you keep quiet, do not talk about kisses, Baciamoci and shut up!

I'm not a liar, are sincere: I would spend a lifetime with you!

A drop of your perfume is enough to fill my house. A bit 'of your love enough to fill my life.

If I were a judge and the accused you, condemn you to love me forever!

Throw me the bottle of your love, and survive the shipwreck of my life.

In love there are no roads in plan: they are all uphill or downhill.

Love is an herb spontaneous, not a garden plant

One of the greatest joys of life is friendship, and the greatest joys of friendship is to have you as a friend

Do not let your friends to change you, because who does not accept you for who you are not worthy of being called "friend".

If you want to play plays, if you want to love love, but do not play to love and not love for the game.

If you do not love me, does not matter, they are capable of love for both of us. (Hemingway)

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

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