Phrases for Valentine's Day

Here are some phrases for Valentine's Day to all the lovers who will be able to find some useful ideas to devote to the person of the heart sweet and romantic thoughts.

Here are some romantic messages ideal for Cute Valentines Day, to be sent perhaps as SMS:

  • My love for this Cute Valentines Day you think more 'than usual, we are not far apart and I can hug and say how much I love you but' I send you a big kiss as big as the whole universe ....
  • San valentin ..un ​​day like any other for me to show you how I love you and how special you are to me today like any other day I could not live without you!
  • Many red roses had my garden, but only a rose blue made it fertile love. Happy Valentines Day from my heart.
  • You are like oxygen to me, if you were not there I would die. Do not ever leave me little puppy, my heart beats only and only for you! Happy Valentine's Day my love!
  • In the book of your life begins a chapter to be written for four hands ... Love will be indelible ink to a universal work! Many happy Valentine ...
  • Valentine Valentine's Day that happens once every year but the desire to bacarti happen any time!

  • "The first time ..." ... we saw "The first time ..." ... we met "The first time ..." ... we kissed every day ... are ... the first time! Happy Valentine Love
  • Valentine's Day greeting, for a day that could be normal ... if there was something special about you ...
  • Today February 14 Valentine Happy Valentines Day ... for me and 'always valentine with you, thank you love!
  • Happy Valentines Day: the feast of the one you love for a day only, but you love over time you will realize that for me Valentine lasts 365 days a year and I hope you you know it. I love you
  • I'll give you 12 roses, 11 real and a fake. When the last rose sfiorirà, it will mean that I will have ceased to love you.

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