Feast of love - Valentines Day

Valentine's Day or the feast of love is celebrated on February 14 in many countries, it is an opportunity for couples to exchange gifts, sweet words and red roses symbols of the Passion and the St. -Valentin.

The Valentine's Day , which was originally a Catholic Church feast was a symbol of romantic love until the Middle Ages. Since then, this iconic festival of Valentines' illustrated with a heart or a winged Cupid.

February love and festivals of fertitlité:

Since ancient times, the middle of February is associated with love and fertility. We find the origins of this story in ancient Athens, the timetable provides that the period from mid-January to mid-February called 'Gamelion months have seen the sacred marriage of Zeus (king of the gods in Greek mythology ) and Hera.

Moreover, in ancient Rome the mid-February was named Lupercus Festival (god of fertility) or Lupercalia. During this festival, the priests of Lupercus sacrifice goats to the god, and then ran into the street wearing goatskin pieces and touched passers mainly women to give fertility and facilitate their delivery.

In 498, Pope Gelasius I formalized by decree of 14 February celebration. It was the first time we mentioned the three saints named Valentine:

Valentine of Rome (a martyr priest) and Valentine of Terni (bishop of Interamma) both suffered martyrdom in the second half of the third century and were buried on the Via Flaminia. The third Valentin is a martyr in North Africa.

According to tradition the day of Valentine's Day was single, unmarried girls were going around their village and waited for the young boys are. The
Each couple formed after this game was held to marry during the year.

Valentine's Day in medieval times:

Only in that fourteenth century, it was mentioned in England and France the connection between the day of Valentine's Day and love. It was believed that February 14 was the day of mating birds. Lovers exchanged balls and were called each have their Valentine.
Also, during this period many legends about St. Valentine were invented including one who said that Valentine secretly arranging the marriages of Roman soldiers who were forbidden to marry during the reign of Emperor Claudius II. And this is the 14 February which was mentioned as the date of his martyrdom.

Valentine's Day today:

Currently, during the day of Valentine's Day is more than witnessing the exchange of greeting cards, the number of cards is estimated at one billion sent each year during the Valentine's Day 85% are purchased by women.

February 14 is no longer a traditional holiday for lovers, this is the opportunity for many shops and businesses to increase their business and to present flowers, boxes of chocolates and gifts wrapped in red paper.

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