Valentine's Day in France 2015

The origins of Valentine's Day

It is extremely difficult to determine the origins and explain how the date of Valentine's Day. Occurring on February 14 of each year, Valentine's Day is the feast of love. Like Saint Roch is the patron of shepherds is Valentine who is appointed by the church as one of the couple and everyone vowing true love without limit.

Valentine's Day: The celebration of love

The date of Valentine's Day comes from a tradition that the birds be mating in mid-February and that this date foreshadows the late winter and early spring. Certain beliefs indicate that the feast of love would be a resurgence of the famous Lupercalia celebrations Wildlife god in ancient Rome and all that took place on February 15. The tradition to dedicate a festival dedicated to lovers also find back to the Middle Ages, especially in England, where the custom of writing words of love at Valentine would commenced.

Successful Valentine's Day 2015

No lovesick should mention the date of Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day 2015, like its predecessors, will be the opportunity to show his feelings for the beloved. The celebration of Valentine takes different forms in different countries and cultures. In France, Valentine's Day is usually a good day for florists and caterers. As is tradition, this Valentine's Day 2015 will be no exception to the rule, the rose remains the emblem and the most significant symbol of love that is felt to each other. Gifts and other gifts can also be traded during this special day of the year that retains, despite decades of its charm.

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