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In England and North America, this has holiday a long tradition in customs. After the Second World War, the influences of the day of lovers widened on Central Europe. The day of love is also a day of friendship on which you prepare especially in England and North America also friends a surprise in the form of flowers and small gifts. Meanwhile, the gift industry has recognized the potential for conveying a superficial awareness. According to the myth, the custom goes back to the Bishop Valentine, in the Italian city of Terni had its sphere in the 3rd century. Under Emperor Claudius II. Gothicus he allegedly martyred for their Christian beliefs in the year 268. However, the martyr legend mixed with the one living in Raetia Bishop Valentine in the 5th century, whose bones by the Bavarian Duke Tassilo III. have been placed around the year 764 to Passau.
Valentin applies, inter alia, the patron saint of travelers, the beekeeper, youth, and especially as a guarantee of good marriage. Therefore, the Valentine's Day was also Vielliebchentag as the young girl believed previously, which boy she first saw that day in front of her house, she would marry. The Christian myth might have here also connected to the heidnisch- Roman custom. The custom of giving flowers on Valentine's Day, pointing to the birth of the Roman goddess Juno (as equivalent to the Greek goddess Hera, the mother of the gods) on February 14th out as the goddess of childbirth and marriage in the mythology of their place on the side her husband Jupiter (Zeus) the pantheon (Olympus) led. You were offered that day floral offering. Here, ancient myth mixed with early medieval legend. The legend of the monk Valentin, the passing lovers flowers handed over the monastery wall away, still inspires the world of ideas.
To this day of Valentine's Day is a celebration of lovers and friendship has remained. Was from history Legend, Legend of myth ...

The choice of flowers is, as a Valentine's Day gift in a traditional customs importance default, so here are a few examples are shown:
If your face is also nice,
over my heart you have no power.
Why my love, you torture me
so very cruel and horrible?
My dear heart, I ask you
Do you love also truly and sincerely me?
Fire Lily:
I adore you, you got it done to me.

While the girls celebrated on this day of youth and love since the Middle Ages prophetic Games (girls enrolled as an example the name of her admirers on small pieces of paper, covered it with clay and sank them in the water. Which list first freed from the clay and the surface came, who revealed the name of the future groom.), the children were on in the morning before sunrise and called someone a " Good Morning Valentine "counter. Could the thus greeted not anticipate the still early morning greeting, an exchange gift for the child greeting was certain.
With the Valentine's Day and the actual start carnival time . In the Middle Ages great feasts were held that day. Solid meals of guilds, guilds and fraternities were terminated here and organized. Carnival companies have opened balls, artists and jugglers parties and masked balls were the time of the carnival begin.

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