There are different sorts of exercises to keep your body fit & young. In this mundane world, people are so busy with their own business that they cant give enough heed to their fitness. According to the health experts, fifteen to twenty minutes of light workout keeps you fit & adds more years to your life. It also keeps your brain, heart, lung, kidney and other internal organs younger and increases their ability to work more efficiently.

In this article, we are going to explain the best fitness exercise that is right for you. We have reviewed different sorts of exercises and found ‘Jogging’ is the best fitness exercise for all ages. Jogging means slow-pace running. Lets we see how jogging is the best fitness exercise from the angle of medical science.

1. Healthy Heart.
Jogging helps to keep your heart fit and boost up its ability to pump more blood. That will help you to get adequate blood circulation which keeps diseases away.

2. Normalizes Blood Pressure.
Nitric oxide is a key factor in reducing blood pressure. It cures the underlying cause of hypertension as a result ‘Nitric Oxide’ won the Nobel prize in medicine in 1998. Jogging works miracle to increase your nitric oxide production so make jogging your daily companion.

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3. Stronger Bones.
Jogging helps to release more natural somatropin (HGH) that makes your bone stronger. And it also cures osteoarthritis and mends bone fractures quickly.

4. Strengthen Immune system.
If your immune system functions properly it can fight against any disease & that helps you to live longer. And jogging actually helps you to boost your immune system by increasing your immunoglobulin production.

5. Cut Extra Pounds.
Jogging is a masterpiece exercise to curb your weight effectively. Not only that besides burning your fat it detoxifies your body through sweating.

In fine, Jogging has tons health benefits for you. Keeping you healthy and disease free, it helps you to live in the next level of fitness. So we highly recommend you to jog for 15 to 20 minutes on a regular basis.
Best of luck.

Written by: Daniel Flegg

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